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EXS - 158 Plus Fully Automatic Strapping Machine with 850mm x 600mm Arch (12mm Strap)



Ideal for intensive bundling and strapping operations where productivity is critical, this high-speed automatic strapping machine is capable of producing 37 straps per minute.

The automatic strap feed means there’s no need for operators to feed straps into the machine by hand or touch the mechanism, reducing manual labour.

Designed using the latest technology, this automatic machine has fewer working parts than traditional strapping machines, reducing the chance of breakdowns and production downtime.

The strapping reel is fully enclosed to prevent dust from stopping production.

Compatible strap width: 9 mm

Height: 600mm  Width: 850mm

Arch Size:

H/W mm 650 850 1050 1250 1450
500 V        
600   S V V V
800     V    
1000   V      

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Packed 1 / EACH

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