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Comarme Carton Sealers

Comarme’s world leading case sealers provide a quality and reliability that is unparalleled.  The range is vast, catering for every conceivable case sealing eventuality. 

Comarme’s gummed paper tape case sealers are a sustainable alternative to traditional machines that seal boxes with plastic tape, allowing you to efficiently seal large volumes of cartons with environmentally-friendly paper tape.

Ideal for use in busy packing operations, Comarme carton sealers and carton erectors speed up the process of forming, filling and sealing boxes, saving you time and money and increasing your output.

Significantly quicker than taping boxes manually, the case erectors form the boxes ready for filling and the carton sealing machines seal the top and bottom of boxes with tape. They can be easily integrated into existing production lines. 

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