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Gummed Paper Tape Dispensers

Gummed paper tape is a water-activated carton sealing tape that ensures pack integrity. Used by the majority of the UK’s largest e-tailers, it provides security against pilferage and is even effective on dusty surfaces. For extra strength and resistance, the tape is available in a reinforced version with an embedded glass fibre mesh.

Electric gummed paper tape dispenser

The electronically driven Marsh TDE dispenser is ideal for sealing cartons of the same size quickly. It’s easy to operate and features a tactile keypad with repeat keys for long and short tape lengths. The flow-through brush system and constant hot water supply activates the glue quickly and evenly across the whole length of the tape.

Manual gummed paper tape dispenser

The Marsh TDH dispenser makes it easy to seal boxes and cartons with gummed paper tape. It’s designed for multiple applications and comes with hassle-free drop-in tape loading. The easy-pull snap-back handle means that tape can be dispensed quickly in one pull.


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